Why men are addicted to virtual flirting?

In our time, a huge number of social networks and specialized dating sites, where you can safely not only to communicate with a virtual interlocutor but even flirt with him. Sometimes this flirtation could turn into a real romance with love and sexuality and sometimes stay in the same place. In such Flirt, equivalent involved both women and men. But if the purpose of the first is to understand their self-esteem, and once again show the basics skills to do "love game" (even if it virtual). Why men virtual flirting in such sites like webcam sex roulette?

The man and the virtual world

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex in answering the question: "Why would a man virtual flirting?" Answer that they do not have real communication. Most of these men would never have agreed to nowhere because of undertake of the sex friendship in real life, taking for granted virtual romance. By the way, this flirting can easily start a bachelor and a married man. This is primarily due to the fact that this form of flirting men does not consider it a betrayal because you can just turn on the computer and with a head dive into the virtual world and forget about all the troubles and woes. But despite such allegations, the men and psychologists are very concerned about this fact. In their words, virtual flirting can completely replace the stronger sex representatives not only live communication but also the joy of carnal love. Thus, according to statistics, which was carried out in the countries of Western Europe, has turned a curious pattern lies in the fact that 26% of men in the age group under 30 years old prefer instead of a real flirt and chat with a girl (including sexual contact), virtual communication with elements of flirting and even virtual sex. And the situation in the US looks even more pitiable: according to all the same statistics, 65% of men prefer cyber flirt replace the present. 27% are doing it in Free gay chat sites.

Why they do it?

Most often, men expect that the virtual flirting brings them a new, funny feelings and impressions. Many men such flirting is advantageous in that it is, in essence, to nothing, obliges and even more so does not require the continuation and development of the relations. Man saves himself from routine and boredom, trying himself in a new role "seducer from the screen." By the way, according to those same psychologists, virtual flirting - is flirting with myself. The man did not know "in real life," his partner, investing in it fantasies and expectations, which, in his opinion, should be endowed with a real woman. By the way, this way of women to men is lacking in real life, hence the conclusion that the representatives of the stronger sex always idealize their virtual "object of seduction." Such flirting man usually tries to drag out as long as possible, showing itself in all its glory and the image of the seducer. Man always chooses companion "of interest", the right age, appearance, etc.