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Self-esteem - this is one of the main psychological problems faced by almost everyone. A truly adequately and objectively assess yourself - it is really a difficult task. Check out our free sex roulette blog.

Low and high self-esteem

A person with low self-esteem says a lot about the fact that no one likes, and so he himself does not like and considers worthless. Feeling and put up with it, some people living with this label so that even turn it into a business card. They usually do not seek to change anything, because we are sure that "still does not work." However, there is another extreme - perfectionism, the desire to be perfect in all respects. But everything in time, and be able to know everything possible, and perfectionists, even achieving success, discover for yourself all the new imperfections and continue to put a "deuce".

Inflated self-esteem prevents personal growth and adequate interaction with other people as much underestimated. The notion that "I am the most intelligent, beautiful and all the best!" does not allow a person to notice his mistakes and failures, it makes us constantly increase their inquiries and disparage others.

Evaluation and esteem of the company itself

Self-esteem, as the word itself, is an esteem that person gives himself. That is, it should not depend on how it evaluates the society. But the problem is many people lies in the fact that their self-esteem substitute esteem of the others, which may be blatantly biased, biased and self-serving. A person complaining about the low self-esteem, it is worth considering: whether it is his own esteem? And if not, then on what basis the Company evaluates it’s so low and who benefits, so that he considered himself "the Joneses"?

Criteria and areas

Evaluation, good or bad, is usually given to a whole life in general, but the self-esteem "in general" cannot be - as the esteem "in general" from society. When someone is called a good man, of course there are questions: What is it good for? Why? For whom? Working on self-esteem, it is necessary to ask the same questions and share their lives in small areas, each of which evaluation and its criteria will be their adequate to it and the more of these areas relevant social roles in the person, the higher the self-esteem. One of the "pitfalls" in the formation of self-esteem - the substitution of the personal criteria of the public. Aiming to become the best in their own eyes, many men often think that love itself, if, for example, will receive a prestigious job, and a woman - if successfully marry. But perhaps these achievements are important for the society, but not to the man himself, and for the formation of an adequate self-esteem is necessary to know their values ​​and assess themselves in accordance with them.

How to fix self-esteem

Firstly, it is good to think of the possibilities, a person needs to possess objective information about what he can do in this or that sphere. We need to know their capabilities and internal resources as well as to decide in what areas it is best to make an effort to raise self-esteem.