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Myths about dating online

We had read so many articles about Internet communication and acquaintance that if we had not had our own experience, we thought that the Internet can not normally meet and there are no normal people, is this true? You can also learn more with our sex chat roulette blog!

Despite the success statistics, which shows that online dating constantly growing, the myths live to this day?

Myth №1. Online dating service for certain types of people.

Remember not so long ago it was rumored that the Internet acquainted with losers. Inanimate communication, virtual acquaintances - all of this is absurd and stupid, so they said about the other, not yet tried themselves. Now, a little goes a modified form of that on the Internet to meet and interact unattractive appearance boys and girls, it is as false as the first.

Myth №2. Everyone lies.

It was found that 80% of users ever given false information about themselves on the Internet. But this does not mean that the Internet is saturated with just one trick, if a person wants to meet with you, it can only exaggerate, lie it makes no sense - and all so it will be obvious at the meeting.

Myth №3. Introduction to the Internet - it is dangerous

It is a common myth of female sites. On my blog has an article on the security of communication on the Internet, I think if you follow the simple advice, it is not about the danger of speech should not be.

Myth №4. No one acquainted with me - online dating is not for me

After all, the Internet, as in life, you need a boost for communication and dating. And if after the "Hello" Nobody writes, the communication is considered unsuccessfully launched. How about to persevere or originality? After all, if you go in real life for the first passer-by that not everyone will tell you in response: "Hello," sometimes you need to make an effort for this to get the confidence to communicate.

Myth №5. All this chatter, this entire virtual world.

People often still believe that the Internet can only communicate. If someone has a point - he receives it. If a person initially wanted to simply fill your leisure Just look around, it will be easy to communicate if he will seek companions who shared his partner in real life - he will find them.

Myth №6. The more you communicate on the Internet, the better.

On the Internet, you can communicate over the years, but one meeting a month to replace dialogue.