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Methods of psychological protection on the Internet.

From the life we know that the best defense - the attack, but the Internet is not a place where you need something to someone to explain, especially to people who are set on a wave and try to impose their negative opinion. In everyday life we often meet such people in public transport, at work, at school, on the street, who are themselves trying to inflame the situation from a simple conflict. On the Internet, the protection of such people is more simplified and you can prevent negative communication when it appears. You can also learn more with our sex chatroulette blog!

1. Go to communicate. The best option to avoid a conflict on the Internet, it is easy to avoid communication. This method works well when communication just recently started, and your interlocutor is already beginning to pour their negativity in dealing with inadequate response. Such people are visible at once, they start to communicate immediately with the harsh words and criticism and waiting for someone to bite the hook. If they get feedback, they continue in the same spirit communicate. Because in order to prevent subsequent contact with such personalities, you can simply not even begin to chat.

2. Ignore or blocking of a user. On dating sites, sex chat rooms, you can use the blocking members. This is a very good way, not only to avoid contact, but not to allow something to write you a user who is trying to spoil your mood. Basically, this function block or ignore, you can use on many websites and if it happened that you got a companion-wrecker, but you do not know how to block their access to communication, refer to the administration of the site, they will help you to do this.

3. Change the account. There are still quite persistent pests that will try a different nicknames and accounts to write to you, if you become a victim. Well, at the time it is possible to change the account or change the nickname, your abuser will transfer their attention to another interlocutor. When a new user on the network, it is unlikely you will be able to learn. If he yet again you get to use the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

The Internet is much easier to prevent the onset of the appearance of negative communication than in life. Behind the screen you will be protected, unless you break the rules of online safety. If it so happened that you got the source, who is trying to spoil your mood, do not go on about him and try to prove something, use the methods in order to avoid contact with the interlocutor on the Internet.