We live too focused on the dramas of love. We waste too much valuable time trying to have a love that in the end, maybe not even good for us. There are so many wonderful things in life, so many experiences to live; sometimes we lose in the love novel in which we get. We lose much of ourselves by obsessing over love or what is worse, our prejudices for love. Not alone we become addicted to the drama but once finished, we put ourselves in another. Learn more with our sexroulette blog ;)           

Many of us miss the wonderful thing about a relationship just because of the fear of losing it

We think too much about "do not leave me" and we lose each other for how boring and dramatic the encounter becomes. It is interesting to observe solitary people who describe love as dramatic and romantic. It becomes logical that they be alone. There is nothing like the expression "love is like this". The reality is that love is how we do it, how we build it. Too much intensity and excess drama in a loving relationship ends up destroying her. Who will want to be with you if you stay in "do not leave me", "promise me you'll never leave me", and all the drama? Being in a relationship where the intensity of the drama is what describes it, of love has nothing. There is no future in a relationship where permanently insecurity and drama are present. The extremely tedious relationship is full of intensity and drama. If you want to have some fun – you are welcome in our free sex text chat.

The end is death from boredom

Is it very difficult to understand that love has to do with laughter, affection, sex, communication, commitment, and commitment? What does it mean to be in a relationship where the fear of losing it is what prevails? What kind of drama addiction do you have? Many times we are bored to our partners with the constant reference to lose ourselves, so much that we lose. It is imperative to realize when you are boring your partner. We become street dramas when you just need a hug. Sometimes it is the distance (for whatever reason) that causes the couple to fall in drama, but when they meet, the paradise comes back to exist. If you have a relationship it is obvious that you should take care of it but not overwhelm it. If you press too hard, suffocate the love. Relationships full of love do not have communication problems. Why? Because often silence is the space of the union. How many times did the intensity of the love drama succumb at the moment of making love? Have you realized? It's delicious when you realize that you just needed to be together to dispel all emotional conflict related to love. There is no doubt that the relationships go through problems, even dramatic, but from there to make them chronic is a great pathological distance. Limits should be placed on the drama. You can bore your partner with so much complaining and insecurity.

In sex, it is always the love encounter, as long as there is love

How often do not we make novels in the head just by putting emotional tones to the messages we read? We make huge dramas because we read our partner writing a tweet that has nothing to do with us, but it gives us insecurity. We are often thirsty for personal novels. We spend fighting or getting intense because we do not see each other as often as we want, instead of enjoying the encounter.