We engage in fights as a couple if love was invincible until we realize that love, does not withstand mistreatment. Love does not resist mistreatment and if it resists it is not love. Nothing is more debilitating to love than a permanent conflict. Stay online with our blog and please welcome to chatroulette for sex.

The conflict of love is usually born of processes that have nothing to do with love

We repeat patterns that we then take to our love relationships, trying to solve without knowing, the trauma of the past. While you fight and make your relationship a chaos, it is impossible for love to survive, and in the case that survives, it is not called love but dependence. When you receive abuse from your partner the first thing you must admit, in case you continue there, is that who is mistreating are you, staying you. Who does not accept truths, begs lies. A relationship full of conflict is not united by love, in fact it is united by conflict. You cannot have a relationship without conflict when deep inside the conflict you carry it inside you. We assume that the other has to endure our foolishness by loving us. The truth is that if you love, we would not stand for that. If we love we must maintain the relationship within the limit of love. When you convert your relationship into a case, you broke the limit. Every couple has conflicts and fights. The question is whether that situation is permanent. As they are, they are no longer a couple, with people fighting each other. If you are looking for some adult fun on the web – try our free lesbian chatroom.

Hardly a person with self-esteem will endure ill-treatment

In fact, the first puts you a resounding stop. You can debate, even fight, without that it becomes mistreatment or the limits of love are violated. Intensity does not imply violence. Your partner does not have to take everything from you for loving you. What's more, if you love yourself, you would not be able to take many things. Maltreatment and love do not rhyme. If you are next to whoever mistreats you, there is no doubt that you are not taking care of yourself, you do not protect yourself. Why stay with the abuser when there is any number of people who could love you in a good way? Loving the one who mistreats you indicates one thing: all your self-love gave it to another. Your self-esteem depends on that person. Fatal.

Obsession is not love, forget it

Have you wondered what you do next to someone who mistreats you? I will answer you: you try to reinforce your false belief of not deserving love. Many times we are mistreated by our parents in the name of love. We assume that our partner can do the same. DO NOT. We learned that if we behaved badly, our parents would punish us. As adults we assume that our partner can punish us. DO NOT. Whoever loves you will always seek to make you happy and happiness is not achieved by blow, chaos or insult. Never forget. No money in the world pays the right to mistreat you. A love full of conflict is also an abusive love. That being that you cannot call love. No one wants the one who generates conflict in a relationship, unless that person is also conflictive. Many people recreate in their life as a couple what they lived in their lives as children. So if you want your children to be happy, be happy. You will not have a stable partner if when you have one, the only stable is the permanent conflict. Do not get into lovemaking. Practice that as the law of life. Make that a north. Zero drama in love. Whoever lives in a conflict of love believes that you will never leave his side and you will endure everything. Dare, show him you're wrong. If you want to live in love, quit the conflict.