Given the human being's need to establish close links with other people, and with the accelerated advance of new communication technologies, today millions of people take advantage of these means to establish relationships of love and friendship. Learn more with our blog and welcome to sex chat roulette.

Rolando Del Toro, from the Faculty of Psychology (FP) of the UNAM, said that although the tendency to search for a partner is to connect to the Internet, because it is a means for faster and more fluid communication, some of the skills are also lost Necessary to find social interaction, such as smiling with someone, being affectionate, touching and touching. In fact, he added, the latter is a fundamental aspect, because it has a significant impact on the immune system of people, and through the Internet that cannot be presented. If someone spends a lot of time on such links, they can hardly develop the competencies and skills necessary for face-to-face interaction. In the framework of Valentine's Day, which commemorates February 14, the head of the Division of Postgraduate Studies and Research of the VET, said that the human being has an enormous need to establish close links, "maybe even we have not seen everything that is to come in matters of sentimental relations." If you want to please yourself – try our sex text chat.

This type of media, such as the Internet, is to accelerate the number of ways to interact that exist.

They hasten both the process of communication, which makes people not have time to reflect and analyze that information in interpersonal relationships. In addition, advances have changed our conventional way of acquiring things. Although to buy bread we still go to the bakery, for medical care we go to the hospital and to fix the car to a mechanic, the tendency to look for a partner is to connect to the network. But where was that old routine of the appointment in the cinema, the cafeteria, party or others? Now it became a chat at 10? For some this circumstance has become so obsessive that if the service is damaged in their home or office, they have to look for an Internet cafe to talk to the person they want. It seems that the relationship was with a machine and not with a human being," said Diaz Amor.

No rules

Until today there are no rules established around this area, "and we do not know who or who will build those parameters that will govern the way of relating. How looks, emotions and commitments are handled through this new medium. It is a field still virgin. "

What most people try to do is to apply to the specific case the norms they learned in the forms of interpersonal connections. However, it is not the same thing that a person tells another that he is totally in love with her, face to face, with the implications that she has in terms of rejection and so on, to put a few lines where she hits a button and leaves the information. Rolando Del Toro detailed that sometimes, these situations stop, accelerate or allow people to do things they normally would not do, because there are no such rules, have never faced this.