Internet dating: a personal experience and types of men, part 1

Public relations specialist Julia Stevens on her own experience is well know how many meetings held between Like and marriage, and what types of men are found in applications for Me. Learn more with our sex chat roulette blog.

A couple of years ago, my personal life was like a single exhausting march across the desert in search of the oasis. Behind me stretched a sad caravan of camels from the past, count on reciprocity. Ahead there was no hint of the man, capable to quench my thirst for love. "It is not there looking for! - I dropped in response to my friend the next breath, virtuoso smm-technologies. - While you're peering into the faces of passers-by, they pass by, buried in their gadgets with new dating application" So I checked in on Badoo. After the first click on the page, which offers an unprecedented range of men, my heart was warm and happy: the interface looked like your favorite online stores. Come in, set the parameters, looked at from all angles, read the description - and if everything came together, the delivery will not take long. The first night I was scheduled five meetings. Furthermore, I got into the taste that in addition to the schedule of business meetings I had a busy schedule of meetings, personal. From the height of his experience let me highlight the seven common categories of men living in the new dating services. Have some fun with our sex text chat.

Number 1. GUY, deceived EXPECTATIONS

Andrew, 29, left me a message on behalf of a high blue-eyed blonde with muscular. He was so good, in pixels, that the doubts about the real situation have not arisen. But, materialized in an Italian restaurant, my "blonde" has appeared expressionless, Light Brown, his blue eyes - the filter product in Instagram and physical development - apparently the fruit of my imagination. Fill sadness with pizza, I thought about the wonders of Photoshop, and then ran to destroy italokalories in the gym.

Number 2. Another guy’s wrong EXPECTATIONS

I always knew that the men, who in five of the six photos appear "Porsche" and "Rolex" that something is wrong. Such achievements are usually carefully hidden, especially on fiscal and women. But still I decided to give a chance to one minion of fortune, whose avatar is on the background of Miami I liked particularly. We met at the metro - surprising, but "Bentley" next observed. I was officially invited to the neighboring low-cost cafe. We chatted pleasantly, I learned a lot of fascinating stories from the life of Man, sneak selected to Forbes list. In some of them I can, and believe, if my offer to pay for my coffee the most, he would not allow generous: "Yes, let's."