Internet dating, part 2

Lets sort out types of men in the internet with our sexroulette chat blog.

Number 3. BAD GUY

At the table of the restaurant on the 29th floor, I was waiting for a man dream of any good girl: stubble across the circumference of the head, a pair of scars at the temple, a look of anguish gangster, his right hand in a cast, his voice hoarse. At the end of the first date, he unequivocally decided that I was a woman in his life. The second are confident that we will be together, until a stray bullet do us part. On the third - earnestly looking into the eyes and gently stroking my arm its gypsum, said that he had serious problems, temporarily will not be able to get in touch, should go a long way, but be sure to come back for me. Have some fun with our free sex text chat.

Number 4. GOOD GUY

The fact that Nigel is very good, I knew at once - on the open smile and kind look. With him gloomy dank park turned into a fairy-tale forest. With him it was incredibly pleasant to wander through the dark alleys, wrap up in a blanket, and drink hot chocolate and listening to jazz. With him awake naive schoolgirl in me. However, after some time from the candy flowers became nauseated, schoolgirl back asleep, and I had to bring our very romantic story under the trivial, but an honest ending: "The problem is not you, it's me."

Number 5. NORMAL GUY

Within five minutes after the meeting with Bones, I wanted to call and inform the Bureau of Standards, which escaped their most valuable sample. He was so templates that became embarrassing. He is definitely wearing "Bukowski" faceless T-shirt and jeans, maroon roses in cellophane, movie tickets. Of course, he is manager. Understandably, he loves football. On weekends, no doubt, prefer the kebabs in the country. After half an hour of struggle against alien monsters I do not even claim to plausibility, I acted out a scene, codenamed "something urgent happened with a friend."

Number 6. rave GUY

At 4:30 Friday morning Max wrote to me: "Hey, babe!", And already at 5:07, we were seated at a table on one of the porches of summer in London. Not that having received his message, I exploded the night. Just I went from one club to another, as he did. Our routes crossed, and it was the best weekend of the summer. We went to all the places in town where dancing and having fun, including a bus stop and a grocery store. But the dawn of Monday turned down the music - and our interest in each other.

Number 7. YOUR GUY

When he wrote me and called out "somewhere tonight," I studied statistics in the application: "438 guys want to meet you». Four hundred and thirty-eight men obediently waiting for their turn! I again had the caravan in the desert, and I decided that today's meeting will be the last. That meeting really was the last in my practice of online dating. And the first - in the long and beautiful love story with a representative of rare category "your guy."  have no idea how beautiful and complete the text correctly. I was all the time distracting the kid, surprisingly similar to that of "the guy" - still can not get used to calling him her husband. Maybe this is the best ending in the world?