Ideals in relationships

The formation of ideas is responsible for the relationship between people and this is the norm, a kind of protective body. In any relationship, people create an image of each other, so it can be argued that the relationship established between these concepts, and not between people. My wife always has her own idea of ​​her husband, even if you do not realize it, and the husband, respectively, have his own idea about his wife. Just a person has an idea itself, of something happening, and the presentation is enhanced continuously. And this view defines the relationship. But, nevertheless, a relationship based on these representations, in most cases, cannot apply for the duration after the presentation and reality may diverge, but life in the abstract images on a regular basis is not possible. But it lives and the vast number of people, they live in the ideas, theories, symbols, representations, created artificially and having no basis in reality. And because of this, there are various conflicts.

How to achieve peaceful co-existence in itself and with others?

This question is very difficult, because to do without conflict in life is impossible. In any relationship, even the closest, there are conflicts and differences of opinion and ambiguity. And thanks to its wide prevalence of such a person is forced to accept the conflict as part of the daily. It has long been accepted that there is competition, greed, envy and aggression in the world. And taking such a situation, a person has to live according to a certain pattern of respectability. Most people are captured this template and try to match it.  In fact, the problem lies in the fact that you need to stop comparing. Once a person gets rid of this habit - he feels relieved, as his life becomes much easier and no longer share exclusively in black and white.

Comparing yourself and present yourself, how it should be - different things

The projection will never be able to become something tangible. The same difficulties arise when there is a comparison with him, but in the past. In any case, this leads to conflict and dissatisfaction with this or that fact. But whether or not upset about the fact that it cannot be real? More likely no than yes.

There are a certain people, with some set of qualities and he's really there. But it can be seen only stop comparing, and then it will be possible to achieve peace with oneself and harmony with others. Then there will be a reason for conflict, and there is no active search for contradictions, both with him and with society.

But the habit to compare is quite difficult to get rid of

Moreover, it only increased since daily basis to observe very different people – Some of them lucky, someone richer, someone smarter and so on. All of these "more" is very important in every person's life, how can we get rid of such an important part of life? However, you need to get rid of and take small steps, to learn not to compare, and accept yourself. Self-perception in the absence of comparison is very favorable effect on the amount of human energy, because it does not need to waste it. And it is better to put in another, useful direction - to begin work on you. Ideal people, as well as relations - does not happen, but because no one bothers to try to disprove this theory especially because many will support even the desire for self-improvement, which is bound to bear fruit. Tired of reading? Try our amazing sex chat roulette, where you’ll definitely find some fun!