Perhaps one of the most pertinent complaints that I hear in my daily practice has to do with people who after years of coexistence realize that love is over and that definitely all that remains is to separate when trying to do so, Feeling guilty and the process becomes sickly and obviously pathological. Stay online with our free sex chat roulette blog!

Nothing is more difficult than separating from someone good, who has loved you and simply ended love

The issue becomes more complicated when the other does not easily accept that the relationship is over, then the usual fanciful and compensatory requirements come from a "let's be friends", "let's give us some time", "what we need is space" and any of other similar formulas. The reality is that when a relationship ends it is impossible to give it another status if not the break. Friendship could arrive later, but in no way, close to the moment of separation. The denial of separation, far from being a defense mechanism, becomes a burden that if made chronic can cause a relatively friendly separation to become a pitched battle of pain and suffering. If you are looking for something special - try our sex text chat.

Not accepting that things are over are simply strategies derived from postponing the inevitable

When a relationship ends there is absolutely nothing to reaffirm it again. To get back you need to create a new situation with an old feeling; The possibilities are not impossible in this matter but certainly remote. Saying goodbye must be an inalienable act of surrender to the weight of the facts that must be accepted by the one who finishes and who is finished in a relationship. I repeat, begging love is to know miserable in it. If someone finishes a relationship, that decision must be respected, the teeth and buttocks tightened and the interminable litany of tears that bathe that dreadful morning feeling that embarrasses those who at some point have had to end a relationship. What you should not categorically do is maintain a hope that does not exist, establish securities that smell more uncertainty than certainties.

Crucifying a relationship breakdown is more painful than ending in itself

That has to be understood without any kind of disquiet about it: if one does not want the relationship anymore, it must be terminated. "I'm going to commit suicide", "without you I cannot live" are absurd manipulations that should not be taken into account when making such a decision. If there is a true risk of death, the family should be advised and open and frank communication should be established. If the person is obsessive and the persecution and harassment begins, the security corps must be warned, so it has been the person you loved most in life. It is intolerable in addition to an act of violence against harassment, whether it be for love. In conclusion, ending a relationship is always painful, always an uncertainty towards life, always a bet on new ways of living, regardless of any consideration, if a relationship is finished, it must be accepted, live the morning and be reborn again to Life when the wounds have healed completely.