How to make a compliment?

A compliment is a little embellishment or exaggeration of the merits of that other person would like to have them. This pleasant words of admiration, respect and approval of expression. Read more with our sex chat roulette blog.

Everyone needs a greater or lesser extent, to be told compliments or words of praise. With these words met human psychological need to experience positive emotions, and then increased personal self-esteem. Usually, the person who was able to meet such a need, it is the interlocutor with whom you want to communicate constantly.

Compliments - this one, but a very powerful tool available to man, which helps to develop better relations between people. We are only talking about sincere compliments and quality, rather than indifferent pre-harvested phrases that repel entail gaps between people and they stop communicating.

There are people who say they do not like when they express their compliments. But these words said by the flattery implied in a rude manner. Artfully same word spoken compliment is a very delicate instrument with the help of which it is possible to achieve incredible opportunities to communicate with people.

How to make a compliment was literate?

Probably the best compliment for efficiency can be a compliment to the background of anti-compliment yourself. Extolling the best qualities of the interlocutor, but in parallel we show on our failures.

For example, an employee in the office said to his colleague: "How did you manage to persuade our boss? Yesterday I spent a whole afternoon to persuasion, but to no avail. Have you so quickly decided everything? "

If the question is only about the facts, who know both men, then the compliment is perceived positively, and the facts are displayed in a favorable light. For example, a girl came to a meeting in a new dress. And of course, she expects to hear in your address words of praise. Tell her what her lovely dress.

Tip: in the absence of facts compliment goes unconvincing and insincere. Here is another example; your colleague comes to work, and in her eye barley. And if it someone will say about what she has a wonderful view, it would be insulting and inappropriate for her. Compliment should contain no more than one or two thoughts at the same time concise and simple in design. Also, it should not contain any morals.  For example: "You have good taste," "You're smart beyond his years", but not "the girl you are beautiful, but the cook just awful."  


Compliment need to learn how to do so, that there is no ambiguity. Even sometimes smile at the compliment, can give the words of a very different, opposite sense to what has been said.  Elegant and very fine compliments are those that enable the other person to invent exactly what he pleases. For example, if the mother said: "You have such a beautiful baby. You and he are very similar. «Or a woman to hear: "I can understand why your spouse so much hurries home." This Gift allows a woman to realize that she is a clever hostess and beautiful woman whose husband always tends to come home soon.