How to love yourself

The Perfect Storm, a perfect stranger, a perfect woman. It is time to recognize - the ideal is found only in the movies - and finally stop looking for it in front of mirror. Stay online with our chatroulette for sex blog.

Yes, we have the right to choose - the president, education, husbands, career, color lipstick and skirt length. Glory to the victorious feminism! As it turned out, we were happy too early. The combination of endless possibilities and purely female perfectionism has led to new standards of success that would scare most desperate suffragettes. Flight across the Atlantic or ministerial chair one of the bridesmaids will be surprised now. To achieve universal respect, you will need at least: a successful career, happy family, flawless appearance, the house - a full cup. Oh, I almost forgot: you need while still and not go crazy surge.


Get cherished position to earn an increase in general and to prove that "you deserve it" - really think about it the dream of every woman? Or is it only every careerist? Unsubscribe from professional success to indulge your favorite cakes and sew dolls - does not mean that you are lazy and loser. And anyway, why go to extremes? The main thing is to identify priorities so that you feel comfortable. Insist? You are waiting for the stress, irritability, forgotten husband. But the money you will be much more than the time to spend it. Want to have a good, hot company? You may find it on our free lesbian chatroom.


Alas, according to the law of meanness, periods of career and biological activity, are generally the same, so you have to choose one of the two or recklessly indulge in all serious. However, if you chase two rabbits, too great a chance that one of them will sit on lessons until midnight. If you are not willing to miss concerts, matinees and parent meetings have soberly reconsider plans for the future. For example, to give up the long-awaited is increasing or annual subscription of the evening in the pool.  Insist? You are waiting for children's resentment, sidelong glances PTA and quotes from the works of the school, in the quarterly report.


If your constant companions are: a sense of guilt for every dessert eaten daily tantrum at a crowded closet, thousands of hours and millions of rubles spent on endless spa treatments, then admit it - you are a victim of beauty. Times are changing, and ideas of beauty too. Today is not enough to take a shower and brush the hair to be irresistible. But let's not pretend that the current acceptable standard of quality - this is Beyonce and Miranda Kerr, seen you on magazine covers. Common sense tells us (and we along with it), your success is not a hundred percent dependent on how your smile dazzling, perfect manicure and high heels, on which you balance. A woman thinking about her appearance from twenty to fifty times a day - and spends an incredible amount of time that could be undertaken to better advantage - learn a new meditation technique, for example.