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How to learn to think positively?

Everyone already knows that our thoughts influence our mood. We can get up in the morning and say to yourself: "What a wonderful day" and it will be really wonderful for us, and we can say with a sour view: "Monday" and a sad face to go to work, school, etc. We live in a dynamic world where everything is changing very quickly. You can also learn more with our sex chatroulette blog! Our mood sets not in what situations we find ourselves, and how we react to them. Every situation can be beat in a positive way, and if you learn to think positively and positive, life in general will be better.

I see a beautiful girl in front of him, and if I thought: "Damn, somehow lazy today to meet friends" - I would have formed negative in itself, but if I thought about how to touch it, and it sits on my hands - Now that's another thought. I then want to approach her to date. When you fight with girl and she is trying to tell a whole slew of negative - much easier to say, "You're so sexy in anger." And all at once it becomes much easier.

We all have free choice, we can choose anything with whom we are pleased to communicate, we can think the way we want, and we can do what brings us pleasure. Anyone can develop for themselves attitudes that will help in life to think positively and positively. I also have your attitudes that form my positive, positive mood:

1. I am pleased with myself.

2. I am pleased with the people who surround me.

3. What do I do - bring me pleasure.

4. I cross out in your life that brings negative.

5. All that is done, it is done for the better

6. It all depends on me.

Due to attitudes, you just sift negative, it is not in your life, so do not where to get the negative thoughts. The output you get either a neutral or positive charge of mind every day.

Cultivate the ability to transform your inner feelings into positive thoughts. When I complain about my job for some reason, I remember the miners who work for days, and I understand that my job is just a fairy tale. In comparison, we can see that our life is much better than we think.

Learning to think positively or in a situation positive.

1. A negative setting: Today is Monday - when it's over and I have a good sleep

2. Positive setting: Wow! Monday - a fine mist in the street.


1. A negative setting: Today is Tuesday - still so far from Friday

2. Positive setting: Today is Tuesday - cool, but not the same Monday