How to cope with irritation

If the date is not specified, and the trouble and bad luck just haunted, the bad mood is ensured. How to cope with growing irritation? You can of course be polite, keep your face and suppress anger. But is it worth? Restrained irritations only further aggravate the situation, and its implications for the health. So is it worth to restrain anger and to hide a bad mood? Read more with our webcam sex roulette blog.

Remove the stimuli

At such moments can ruffle anything, any little thing. What was once you tried not to notice, begins terribly annoying. Creaking door cabinet, on the computer desk has accumulated a pile of papers that prevents work and is constantly falling on the floor and in the organizer half pens do not write! You can certainly frustrate anger on them. Kick the door, throw away all the papers again, run objectionable knob in "flight". But nothing will change, much better to get rid of these irritants. As the day still was not set, go this very door, disassemble hated pile, where possible will be found, and lost a very important document, and at the same time, move the order to the organizer.

Directs energy in a peaceful course

Irritation is accumulated and is ready to break out? I want to scream, feeling that is about to fall through? Yell or quarreled with someone, it will be easier, but it will not improve the mood. Moreover, it can be added to a sense of shame or guilt for their behavior. It is important to pull myself together, but it should be done properly. Negative energy is a must yield. It helps physical activity. Take a walk on foot; make cleaning the house, or simply charging. This can not only throw out the negative emotions and negative energy, but will calm down and spend time usefully.

We focus on the little things

According to the German psychologist Gerd Boehner during the gloomy and dark mood, man turns with ease to do the work that in moments of joy unable to work. Take care of routine and tedious work, pay attention to business, constantly procrastinate, and redo the house most unpleasant work. It has long wanted to make out pantry or balcony? Now is the time to break down the old things and put things in order.

Do not hide your mood

Just be honest, it is not in the spirit. A bad mood is still breaks through a forced smile. Surrounding it will also be helpful. No one will distract intrusive questions, and a colleague at first thought, before asking you to take part of her duties themselves. Pets will try to please and cheer up. Children will behave quieter and more obedient and come up with a loved one, how to please you.

We understand the reasons

And what was the cause of a bad mood? This may be a lack of sleep, hormones, weather, or bad news. But most often it is the result of inner feelings and problems. Complex relationships with loved ones, self-doubt, and fear not cope with assigned duties, responsibilities fear - all this finds a way to our emotions. Determine the true cause of constant irritation; you can try to find a solution to cope with this problem. And then the bad mood and heavy thoughts will be on their own.