How to bring self-confidence?

Due to the insecurity many people limit themselves to communicate with others in free sex chatroulette - they are embarrassed to express their opinions and to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, a shy and suffer such other person in the shadows, suffering from lack of implementation of their plans. Full confidence is not given to all, and not for everyone. But it can be a foster and model.

Of course, the path is not short

And, most importantly, to pass this long way can only be alone. If possible, you should attend special training sessions where professional psychologists can help you find out, first of all, himself. But some people do not even dare take such a step, fearing publicity to their problems. Many shy people are afraid of change, and even think about it do not want to, believing that everything is in order. Improvement of the self-confidence begins from working with your self-esteem, because all the problems are in it. Self-confidence and self-esteem - these are two facets of one whole, completely independent from each other. When a person has low self-esteem, it cannot take responsibility, because not sure to end in my abilities and cannot see a master in any sphere. There are some special exercises that are worth make all insecure people. Initially wean compare yourself with others. After all, if you compare the oligarchs and their salary, then you will find yourself in any way lose – you need to avoid such thing. It is necessary to develop a skill to be proud of yourself. Praise yourself with or without: taken out the garbage - well, read a book - smart, get enough sleep - yes, you are unique! But, in addition to the last detail, it is worth to praise himself and for really big achievement. Just learn to see them in yourself. Keep a journal in which to record all of his "pride", and periodically re-read it, recalling his brains about past victories.

Expand its comfort zone

Walk to walk to where you are comfortable. Eat in such restaurants, where they feel comfortable. Do not sit constantly at home - you stop that way of life in the development. Walk where you want to go: like the shaded part of the street? - Make their way along this route. Engage your passions in public. For example, if you love to read books - go to the library, I enjoy painting - visit the museum, etc.

In order to be able to support absolutely every conversation should develop comprehensively. It is required to be sure and set. It is necessary to pay maximum attention to the interlocutor, communicating on topics that are of interest to both of you. And be sure to show sincerity to person.

Love yourself

Do not criticize his identity and call yourself stupid, unlucky or a bad person. All the criticism that comes from others, it is worth to take in the light of the ease and healthy selfishness. But look in any negative sense and constructive idea. If it is just a stream of dislike to you, keep fight back and defend. If people criticize your actions - it's not terrible, but if people criticize your identity - always Defend and extinguish these attempts in the bud.