How to be a good company?

In the world of a lot of people who are experiencing shyness when communicating with other people, especially strangers, afraid to seem uninteresting or boring. How to be an interesting conversationalist and not be afraid of your own? We offer you some tips. To be more interesting in communication - begin to change him. It may not only from the inside, as well as externally. Think it might be worth to update your wardrobe and even choose a new style of clothing? Read more with our sex chat roulette blog!

Try to highlight your individuality

If a person is very shy, it is recommended to use bright colors in clothes. They will add confidence and make more prominent person among others. Also, if you have the opportunity to consult the professionals involved in the image. It will be useful to attend the event, which are engaged in research on the themes of love, family, career and other. The knowledge that you will receive at such events will help to better understand the psychology of relationships and prompt new threads to keep the conversation going. Seek to expand their knowledge. Start reading literature classics, interests of the various areas of activity, always be aware of the latest world events. It is unlikely that you will want to talk more, if you will constantly carry on a conversation on topics that apply only to you. If you know some fresh information, do not just tell her. People will think you are - boring and nerdy, and will continue to avoid contact with you. Just look for the right moment to keep the conversation was on the subject.

To be a good company, you also need to know how to listen

Eat in a conversation the phrase "I agree with you", "I understand you", and so on. N. If you really want to win the interlocutor, use the phrase "I would have thought of this before," "it's just brilliant." Who is able to intelligently listen, be sure to attract the attention of others? Why? Because each person is most interested in only on its own individuality. Talking to a person just about him, listened to him with great attention and interest, is inserted into the conversation, different approval phrases; you will not even notice that it became interesting for someone.  And if you wanted to start a conversation with a stranger, but you do not know what to talk about? In this situation, start a conversation with neutral topics that every person will respond. That topics such as weather, work, family, hobbies, holidays. Start by asking about the weather, but it is not necessary to ask whether the other party the weather like today. It would be better to start a conversation, for example, with such a neutral exclamations: "What a beautiful winter this year!" This remark will be a good starting point for further discussion.

Always look into the eyes of your interlocutor

This is very important if you want to talk was good and enjoyable. If you are a shy person and you cannot look him in the eye, then you need to learn this. During the conversation should always look into his interlocutor's eyes, to show that you have nothing to hide.