How to avoid mistakes when dating online?

Communication network is a very peculiar thing. You can create a perfect image, and present it to the other party to play a perfect scenario of the novel. But remember: the same can do and it. How to make so as not to scare, but rather are interested in a virtual partner, without changing itself, not an example banal mask, then without fear to be exposed? With our Sexroulette blog we are going to sort it out.

Do not allow mistakes in the texts

This is extremely important at the beginning of communication. You do not know the person, but you also want him to be a man in every sense reasonable? Then she bothered in their reports did not make grammar mistakes. Remember, these silly errors have absolutely nothing to do with the now fashionable internet slang. You will not be able to hide their "wazzup?!" for obvious modern forum users "what’s up?." If a person is literate and educated, he immediately "split" you. So it is better to let down his first message in Word and click Spell Check. Yes, you can, of course, and not "sweating." But then do not be surprised that your new companion will be cynical smart aleck "pig." Serious man will be pleased to chat with competent girl. However, the style of writing still does not assign, if it is not in sight. But at least banal spelling avoid entirely possible and necessary.

Do not hurry to be frank

Online communication is easier than face to face. Even if enabled webcam mystery once lost. So the writing is easy to say about yourself, and to answer any questions, and most ask them without any restrictions. Here lies the beauty of this casual printed dialogue. But there is the danger. Do not hurry with the revelations of the first day of communication. Remember, on the other side of the monitor, it is still an ordinary person. You cannot open up to the first comer, do not spread their secrets at once, problems and fears. Network communication hides these conventions, it seems that the source - it is something ephemeral, since it is not seen or heard. But this feeling is wrong. The same applies to the intimate revelations. Well, if the person would be harmless nerd who scared you just stop and chat. And it may happen that on the other side of the monitor you are waiting for real trouble in the form of aged pervert. He will provoke revelations with only one purpose - to transform the subsequent intimate these virtual game very real. And not always need your consent to do so. Normal man with a true desire to build a lasting relationship just will not continue to communicate with you, if you will flit through the word "sex", "poses" and other liberties.

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