How to act with your web-boyfriend politely?

Do not try to look too clever at the beginning of love. For you, the main thing is not to frighten once a good man. Suddenly, he decides that it is trying to meet some kind of lonely, relieves stress on the internet teacher. There is nothing wrong with a teacher in principle, no. Men just don’t like too clever (it is clever - not smart) women with whom to communicate a need to look up words, to reconsider their views on life, to change habits. Actually, the man himself must guide you in conversation. If you're really smart - you give him this opportunity. Be careful with criticism. You do not know this man, his faults, and virtues, his hobbies and passions. When discussing sensitive topics such as fashion, hobbies or his attitude to life, suddenly you can accidentally hurt his with criticality. Starting communication should always be softer: probe the soil gently, without distracting. Learn more with our sex chat roulette blog.

Be attentive to his remarks

On this basis, the board decided to build all the dialogues. The interviewer has to see what you perceive it that you are interested in them, and not to miss his entire verbal flow past the ears (in this case - by the eyes). If he frankly responds to your questions – don’t play in the "jokes" constantly. If the matter is unpleasant to you, you can laugh it off a couple of times, but not all the time. Answers have to be, otherwise, the person would be boring to constantly see instead emoticons or anything prototype of "hee-hee". This is not a chat, and flooding, which is full of online forums, and which does not cost anything. The same applies to his personal affairs - be attentive to them. For example, if yesterday he said that the evening runs to the lecture and in the morning you ask: "Where you’ve been yesterday?" - This could hurt him. He realizes that it does you "on the side"; you do not even remember what he said about himself that you all are not interested. Or he decides that you check it supposedly "pierce" or not? It can also hurt - because you have not even met. In general, be closer to the detail of his life, if you want to continue to communicate and translate it into a serious direction.

Do not overdo it with romance

If you crushed on him, and from your continuous monolog poured verbal romantic words- learn to restrain them. Man because you cannot stop the movement of the hands, eyes, or something else. Even the most sensitive and romantic man is not your psychologist and he does not vest for tears. It is better to listen to him. Let it will reveal to you my own secrets sees in you responsive companion, understands it better than anyone else. It’s all about the outset relations. When you already know each other better, and then we will add romanticism and criticism and frank confessions. The main thing is to consolidate the fragile contact. Everything else is better to find out about each other decent games. They are, of course, in the time to replace the fastest internet connection, a webcam, a microphone with special headphones. You can arrange an audio conference, a joint viewing of films followed by a discussion, share themed e-cards, and your own photos. But there is no substitute for real communication. Yes, and a virtual altar has not invented.

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