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The Hidden Face of Internet Love

Usually a virtual relationship begins with knowing in a chatroulette for sex with a stranger, follows this an exchange of mails, or vice versa, which are becoming more frequent. At the same time long conversations are maintained by the chat. The writings become more personal, long, intimate and committed. Almost always there are references in these correspondences to fill vacuums of real life. One of the two gives the initiative to say affectionate phrases, those that are reciprocated, with greater or lesser or without any repair. To exchange of pictures, to know some personal details, like the telephone number. The calls and messages are also frequent and that is where the virtuality of the relationship ends, to start a real relationship. The decision is made to get to know each other. People often travel from one country to another, from one state to another, and so on. On the dating we can occur disagreements, disenchantments or real affinities. After all this profuse, communication needs the hour of action, this relationship becoming conventional. You can try it on your own with our free lesbian chatroom ;) .

In a real relationship intimacy is being built more slowly.

The mails support all their advantage with respect to the letter is infinite, not only the strange speed of the medium but its unlimited ability to say things, copy poems or songs or relate the adventures in the rain, which could not be done by phone , Nor in letter nor even in the chat itself. The facility offered by this means to empathize is superior even to the face-to-face relationship, where the attachment of people develops with unusual intimacy. Being an anonymous means being that enhances its good and admirable sides and hides its negative sides, favors intimacy.

Love, attachment and eroticism in the network

Attained the intimacy took the first step to achieve the loving feeling of attachment. The rest is falling by its own weight; the communication is eroticized starting from writing embrace, then the kiss and so on. There is no such thing as brain chemistry between emitter and receiver. The message becomes erotic as openness and satisfaction are found. It is possible to realize all the range of fantasies that the writing can provide us and this is increased with the use of the web cam, the netizen lovers are allowed to see and expose their body and the genitals for the contemplation of the beloved. In the network, the bodies will always be presentable and there will never be a bad aspect that will ruin the appointment. The commitment that is generated in cyberspace is immediate and does not go through collating or weighing the reality of each one, because each one assigned the other his own ideal reality. As Lacan asserted, expressing himself from his Ideal Self to his ideal of Self.