A few advices about the relationships in Internet

If you do not want your first date to become last, remember these themes you should not discuss during the evening.

  1. If you recently finished the old relationship, you risk to mention inadvertently your ex-boyfriend at every opportunity. Do not let phrases like "I remember when..." or "on Saturdays he always..." to appear in your lexicon. Understand simple thing: if you're talking about the former man, it's a sign that you still have feelings for him. And if so, about what date can we talk?
  2. If you choose a side dish to the main course, you can argue all you want. But talking about a serious relationship or even marriage on the first date is simply meaningless. You should gently move to so deep conversations only when you are already in a close and comfortable relationship with each other. Otherwise, the man you will not understand you at all.
  3. If your  salad has been maden a long half-hour, and you're pretty hungry, this is not a reason to hysterics. Even being sincere confident that your anger and frustration are justified. You are not chatting in Text chat You came out, and there not only your interests are important, but also the behavior and manners. The man carefully watches how you communicate with other people, and draws conclusions, so be polite with a waiter.
  4. Religion and politics - these are two topics that easily turn romantic rendezvous in a verbal arm wrestling, as soon as you utter something like "I - for ..." or "I - against ...". The first date is designed to get to know each other, and it becomes almost impossible, if you spend it on defending your own political views and beliefs.
  5. All of us, without exception, love to talk about themselves much more than listen to the interlocutor - that is the nature of human. However, on the first date is not necessary to talk about yourself, to praise and promote yourself - just show him the way you cool by your behavior, jokes, and tenderness. If you really want to talk about yourself - go to the reception to a psychologist or arrange gatherings with friend over a glass of good wine.
  6. He has a great voice, he got style, and he is good-looking man and in general. Excellent! Perhaps you happen to find a soulmate. But keep calm, do not hurry to try on his surname and did not attack him with declarations of love and faithfulness. In short, do not all these rush things!
  7. Do not behave like an innocent child, but do not go too with hilarious stories from the past. He did not need to know about your adventures in Sex roulette. Yes, being relaxed is very well, and those things do not make you horny. But first date is not the best reason for such stories. It is better to give yourself a few further dates to get closer and then laugh at it all together.