Do you need a virtual friend?

The modern world, or rather humanity is sinking in the online web more and more. With the help of the internet we can work, learn and communicate, without leaving home. Sometimes it looks pretty funny when a neighbor with its own start talking in "Facebook" social network, rather than go out of the door of the closed space and talk live. But apart from that, we still get to know on the Internet, and sometimes even, thanks to the Internet, to marry a stranger recently located "on the other side of the virtual." But often we communicate just like that, nothing else to do to add variety to your life. "Do you need a virtual friend" - the topic of our today's conversation. If everything in life pall, bored husband, every day is no different from the other, the stranger, random "draw" for example "in some sites like twitter, ICQ, sex chat roulette, or anywhere else, brings flavor to your everyday life. Word by word and you quietly become attached to your virtual friend. Fun and interesting it becomes everyday life. But if everything is as good as it seems? Do you think that you are quietly starting to cheat on my husband or a boyfriend? You know yourself that cheating - it's not necessarily physical contact.

Get one good when the crack formed and are you sure that you want to change something in your personal life, or if there are no men in your life.

Then an acquaintance with a mysterious stranger will make in your life without romance "side effects." But, imagine if everything will be smooth in your life, if a man accidentally stumbles upon your secret correspondence. You know yourself that "on the thief and the cap off", and as luck would have it, you can forget to close the "window of the forbidden." Do you need such a failure, do not you think? Lose the trust once and for all is part of your plans?

First of all, the virtual one is good if you want just to chat, share my soul with a stranger.

It is a fact that many women "in absentia" acquainted, and later married and out. Some people just cannot live without virtual communication; these women need a virtual one, even just for the discharge. But, at the same time, you are not immune to the fact that you can communicate with a person totally invented. There is no guarantee that at the end of "web" is not some sex maniac. Imagine that you wanted to check out your favorite photos found enticing names and began a correspondence with you to check your allegiance. Here such, I think, you can hardly expect. Yes, truly, a woman needs a friend, a virtual origin, when there is no real life of men. And when you have nothing to lose, and then you can talk to a stranger, to the same stranger will always be the perfect man without flaws, as long as you with him to arrange a meeting ... But do not talk about it, that's another story. Maybe you’re need something like Lesbian chat room for new experience?