Dating: how to prepare for it and what to wear

Travelers - like sex. All love them in theory, but in practice in the fast information age, they seem old-fashioned waste of time. We declare battle for romance and offer to recall almost forgotten art to go on dates. Romantic tete-a-tete is a phenomenon not so ancient. The first mention of a date in the American women's magazine dates back to 1914. Since then, the classic version of dinner by candlelight was transformed - in this case, the amendment to the domestic life. Rendezvous in the 1960s - a walk and hike in the ice cream parlor. In 1980 is a disco and watching American action movie in the video store. In the 1990s - dinner in the new pizzeria. Learn more with our free sex roulette blog.

So, what about 2017?

It seems to be our time is not alien romance. In recent years, book a table at a decent restaurant or cafe on February 14 should be at least two or three days - places in this day filled with pairs of lovers. But in everyday life the romance gave way communication, the style of which is difficult to give an unambiguous definition. Chat in social networks, throwing each other with thousands of messages and photos with a hint it is flirting or just a modern way of communication? Invitation to a party to a common friend - it's a date or still encounter of two friends of different sexes? After dances in a crowded bar, you were in the bed, it was still a date or sex friendship? Tired of reading? Have some fun with our lesbian roulette chat.

When you are supposed to change the status on Facebook to "finding" to "in a relationship"?

In other words, it is continuous ambiguity and uncertainty. Our colleague from the American blog does consider the situation critical. In their study, 19% of free girls never in my life had not been on a real date. And of those who established his personal life, only 12% are regularly selected in a restaurant, cinema or even the stadium together with a husband or boyfriend. "We need the normal real date! - Says psychologist Helen Fisher, a research consultant dating site Match.com. - The ones where you spend the whole evening alone with each other, and not just hang out in the company, or for a quick drink coffee. The only way to truly know a person, and therefore is make the right choice" Those who have been together, too, needed a romantic outing. "The evening spent together in an unusual atmosphere, remind you about those times when you just started dating, and refresh your senses" - says the expert. And there, and great sex will follow.

My work is both for those who are in search of, and for stable vapor

Remember what it is: dress up, worried look forward to meeting. Remember the gleam in his eyes, talking about everything, moving stories from his childhood, gentle touch. And butterflies, butterflies in the stomach! We must not allow becoming a classic of dating atavism. Dare - turn off the chat and invite a new friend to a picnic. Go with her husband in a restaurant, where he made you an offer. Feel the love. One night can change a lot. And what with the date on the calendar - it does not matter.