Couples of cyberspace

The Internet with the ease of receiving and sending e-mails, chatting, etc., has not only become the easiest resource to get out of solitude, but also in a source to surround people and develop feelings, quite apart from the marital status of each of us. In this dynamic love, jealousy and infidelity cannot be absent. Learn more about relationships with our blog and welcome to our free sex roulette.

Is it so complicated?

Recently, I had an appointment for a 29-year-old woman, married and childless. She was confused and jealous of her husband's infidelity. The person in question was from cyber space, a foreign girl with whom he maintained a torrid romance. Their feelings were almost the same as those found in real relationships. She suffered from jealousy, was frustrated, deceived, and on the verge of separation. He felt deeply in love, and understood by the person most to him. Another patient narrated that his virtual love came from abroad, despite being married, had the expected romance, the patient left his wife and stayed to live alone when his virtual love returned to his country. Another case: the lover made the patient in love travel to another country, maintained a relationship that did not set and end their relationship with tragedy. If you are looking for something special – try our lesbian roulette.

Another case

Sometime later I received a consultation from the mother of a shy and introverted boy, a good student and very homely. She had never had sex before, and this was her first year in college. He had met on the Internet chatting to a person who fulfilled his desires, fulfilled his expectations and felt very comfortable talking about all the subjects. It was this couple from the same city so he ventured to meet her. When the day of the appointment arrived he found that his Internet partner was another young man like him, only much older. He used an ambiguous nickname "Ronnie". After the surprise, both continued talking, arriving the youngest to a frankly homosexual relationship, which he had not anticipated before. A third case, it refers to me to have felt a disappointment to feel that its supposed pair of the cyber space, did not exist and who wrote to him had created a personage for her, her infatuation was real and her dislike also.

Cyber infidelity

Internet love affairs are becoming one of the most frequent ways of infidelity. Millions of people dive to surf in the virtual space every day to interact with others, it is considered that the majority search the network for new experiences and feelings, excitement under the protection of anonymity, allowing them all kinds of licenses, from giving free rein to the Fantasy as well as exercise, all kinds of behaviors repressed or self-repressed socially. This new concept allows access to exercise any type of fantasy, basically hidden, perverse or long repressed desires. Are we facing a new form of relationship that also produces its effects of disaffection or pathology? Is it a simple formal change in the forms of love and attraction? If it is true that being in the network living new and "real" feelings is satisfactory, it is also a source of dissatisfactions and frustrations that occur when the impossibilities of bringing to the real, virtual is the other side of the coin. In the end many sailors are literally "trapped in the net" as the song says.